With a passion for hunting the wild, pure backcountry and a love of the written word, Cameron’s greatest love is bowhunting the remote wildernesses of the West and Alaska.

For a glimpse into Cameron’s passion for bowhunting, look no further than his training regimen for his backcountry bowhunts. To get ready for bow season, in addition to shooting his bow every single day of the year, he trains in the weight room 7-days a week and runs 100-mile ultra marathons in the mountains during the off-season in an effort to toughen up for the mental and physical test that he’ll face in the backcountry. His goal, which he knows is a target he’ll never hit, is to become the “Ultimate Predator”.

Setting this type of standard, raising the bar to this level, pushing his body to failure and beyond, inspires many and inspiration is basically what best defines Cameron Hanes. Cameron has motivated thousands of hunters through his writings, television appearances and social media postings. “Hunters can be a tough crowd; they are savvy and can tell if what you write, or represent, is real or if you’re trying to sell them a bill of goods,” says Cameron.

The Crush with Lee & Tiffany

Both Lee & Tiffany started from humble beginnings in Columbia Heights, MN. They met as teenagers but didn’t realize their joint affinity for the outdoors, or for each other, until both were attending college. Tiffany had done a lot of fishing in Northern MN growing up, but had never been hunting before. Lee had been hunting in Minnesota for 7 consecutive years without laying eyes on a single buck, but he remained patient and it didn’t deter his love of hunting. Good things definitely come to those who wait! At the beginning of their relationship, Lee was working at an archery shop and Tiffany decided she wanted to get involved in the sport that Lee loved so much. As fate would have it, Tiffany is an absolute natural with a bow. With plenty of support from Lee, Tiffany took down her first buck, a MN six-point, and was hooked!

Lee & Tiffany share their private lives, their hunting hits & misses, and their hearts with the outdoor enthusiasts of the world. In return, the hunting industry as a whole and their ever growing fan base has shown them a lot of love. Tiffany says, “my favorite thing, is to see the next generation come to meet us at an outdoor show. Little boys & girls come through line with their families and these kids are SO excited about hunting…it’s just awesome to see them light up when they tell us about their first buck, turkey, or even a squirrel!! It means so much to me when women and little girls tell me that they never thought they could hunt, and then they see Lee and I on TV having so much fun out there and they think if she can do it, so can I!”

Open Season TV

Open Season Television is a family-oriented program bringing you the best in hunting and fishing from around the world. Our Pro-Staff team travels far and wide to capture superior hunting and fishing adventures in the highest-quality video. One feature that sets Open Season apart is our multiple camera technique that makes you feel like you’re right there with us in the field. We want you to feel that you’re an important part of the experience, because you are!

No matter how popular the show becomes, we will stay true to our small town, family based heritage. We will remain dedicated to conservation, wildlife management, education, and preserving our constitutional rights so that our children and grandchildren will be able to experience the joys of hunting and fishing in the future.

Outback Outdoors

Outback Outdoors embodies the essence of western bowhunting. Each show is a cinematic short film documenting the tremendous roller coaster of highs and lows that is every archery hunter’s reality. The Outback Outdoors’ team strives to capture the adrenaline and adventure of hunting big game in the various extreme topography of the west.

From the rugged Rocky Mountains to the high desert plains and the aspen covered ridges to the lowland river bottoms, OO seeks to share a cinematic experience that connects with any hunter looking to take a trophy animal or who just wants fill their freezer.

Red Arrow TV

Hunting is part of a culture rooted deep in this great country of ours that is centered around God and family. Red Arrow’s southern roots have the same foundation, and this show is as real as it gets! Host Kip Campbell hunts all types of wild game both big and small all over the country in 100% fair chase environments. Red Arrow occasionally features award-winning country music singer, friend, and fellow hunter Zac Brown, of the Zac Brown Band, on hunting excursions when he finds time to get in the field while touring with the band.   The show is primarily bow hunting, with occasional firearm hunting and pro second amendment and self defense segments. Ride along with Kip and crew as he takes you from the ultimate in adventure hunts abroad, to intense action in the southern back woods of Virginia he calls home. Red Arrow is a fast paced and comedic show that’s full of great music, good times and great hunting action!

Jay Presti/Crystal Gibson - Blue Collar Adventures

Raised in a ranching community of Northern Nevada. We were fortunate in that we had the Ruby Mountain range out my backdoor where I fell in love with the outdoors. We lived off our land and hunting was a major part of everyday life. With a “cowboy lifestyle” I ended up in Texas on rodeo scholarships and soon found my new home. For the past 13 years we have been on national television with our show ”Blue Collar Adventures” featuring conservation around the world while bringing viewers information on how they can get there. My passion for the outdoors is one of reverence for the land, animals and lifestyle it provides all of us. Passing it on to the next generation is imperative and a major focus on our show. My fiancee Crystal Gibson is also an amazing influence on our show. She was raised in Northern Idaho off grid. They lived on elk calving grounds and saw first hand the impact of the wolves and the devastation of the herds. Crystal is also a celebrated wildlife photographer and avid sportswoman.