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Sheep Shape is a documentary-reality style program that will follow hunters Chad Hall, Rick Carone, Kelsie Burford and Patrick Scrogin on one of the most extreme and challenging mountain hunting quests in North America, hunting North American wild sheep. The program will test the mind, body and soul of each hunter by first putting them through a grueling training program to prepare them for these difficult high country hunts. Each hunter’s story will unfold from their personal life challenges, through the training program and hunt preparations, then to the actual hunts. The hunters will be helped through the process by their coaches whom will be well known industry personalities with extensive experience in mountain hunting. There will be various points of view introduced into the program from the trainers, coaches, family members, doctors, outfitters, guides, and the hunters themselves. The feel will be raw and the conditions will be mentally and physically taxing with the intent to create one hell of a roller-coaster of emotions including blood, sweat and tears along-the-way.
Chad has had a passion for the outdoors since he started hunting at age 12. At 19yrs old while in the middle of his sophomore year in college, Chad was diagnosed with a rare form of bone cancer. He spent the next two years fighting the disease spending a total of over 500 days in the hospital. He underwent various surgeries to remove a large tumor from his femur as well as over 300 days of extensive chemotherapy before finally bringing the disease to submission. The disease caused his knee to be completely replaced and he lost parts of his quad muscle, femur and tibia. This resulted in Chad having to learn to walk again with over a thousand days of physical therapy and a few more surgeries under his belt. Realizing life is short; Chad never looked back and has set his sights on training for one of his lifelong dreams, to hunt wild sheep. Chad currently resides in Los Angeles, CA with his wife Vicki and daughter Penelope. He is an executive at a national insurance brokerage and a principal in a media and brand development company called Reel Wild Creative.
Kelsie wants to encourage woman of all ages that there is hope and a better life out there, to speak out, to never be afraid, and not let others dictate your life. Kelsie is a survivor, like most victims she too wondered why me. She was abused for 3yrs as a young child. Keslie was also a victim of bullying, which took her dream of playing college basketball. She battled PTSD, suicide, and depression. For half of her life she let others dictate her life and let them win. Meeting Johnny (her husband) and hunting has empowered her to pursue her athletic abilities in a way she never thought existed. She is mentally and physically tough. She is blessed to be able to have the ability to hunt in terrain most men cannot endeavor. Last year Kelsie drew a Montana Rocky Mountain Goat tag, in the steepest, most rugged terrain Montana has to offer. She was able to harvest a billy with her bow at over 10,00ft elevation, and get engaged on the side of a cliff, all in one day. Her story was chosen by Eastman’s Magazine to be the first woman ever to grace the cover of their Bowhunting Journal. These moments and achievements were worth all the pain and struggles she’s gone through in her life. Kelise currently resides in Montana with her husband Johnny.
If you are a sportsman or woman and keep even the slightest eye on social media, the name Rick Carone should sound familiar. He was drafted in 1994 by the Chicago White Sox and played four years professionally. He was introduced into the hunting industry back in 2003 by Outdoor Industry Leader, Willie Robertson, where he mastered as Field Editor and videographer for Buck Commander which he still does today. Carone also served as V.P. of Sales for Hard Core Brands in Ottawa, IL., where he was responsible for complex sales initiatives, mentoring, rep development, strategic account management and led the entire sales force in a significantly profitable direction. Last year Rick was diagnosed with Stage IV Pancreatic Cancer. His fight against the disease has become powerfully inspirational and the entire outdoor industry has come to the prayerful rescue of Rick. Rick is an Illinois resident and father of two daughters Karsyn (17) and Tyler (14).
Patrick Scrogin received his flight instructor certificate just 10 months after he was told he would not be able to walk again. Patrick enlisted in the infantry division of the Army, and after Airborne and Air Assault School was deployed to Iraq in April 2003. He later completed Warrant Officer Candidate School and began flying helicopters right away. He completed the Army flight program as honor graduate and the OH-58D helicopter armament course located in Virginia. Patrick was stationed in Hawaii for a short while before his unit went to the National Training Center. He was deployed to Northern Iraq July 22, 2006. While in Kirkuk, Iraq, Patrick’s life was forever changed after an engine failure caused his helicopter to hurtle toward the ground at 3000 feet per minute. In the six seconds it took for the helicopter to touch down, Patrick leveled the aircraft out of the 75-degree bank turn and saved his and his co-pilots lives. Though he had nine fractured vertebrae, an above-the-knee amputation, a crushed pelvis, nerve damage, and a partial amputation of a middle finger—an overall two month and two day stay at hospitals world-wide—Patrick was ready to get back in the air. After three months, he was walking, and in October of 2008 he began to learn to fly with his prosthetic leg. Patrick resides in San Antonio, TX wife and two children. He currently works as an air traffic controller and flight instructor.