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For all 2018 Spot-Hogg Pro-Staff applicants,

The time has come once again to look for new Spot-Hogg staff members, so we declare the application process OPEN. The application process will be open until October 31st, 2017. We hope to make selection before Christmas, but some years it has taken longer.

This year Spot-Hogg will require four things from you to be eligible for consideration for a staff position.

1) Will need the application filled out completely. The application is provided for you on the bottom of the page in a .PDF file.

2) Will need a shooting/hunting resume. (Please try not to use the same information that is on the application.)

3) Will also need a 2-5 minute video sent to us. The video MUST NOT contains any of the same information that is on the application or resume.

Helpful hints for the video: (Have fun with the video!)
• Scouting, camping or bowfishing trip
• Trick shots or long distance shooting (don’t send video of you shooting at 20 -50 only).
• (Remember it doesn’t need to be about archery) fishing trip, other hobbies, sporting event, cooking/BBQ recipes or anything that you can think of. (Please keep videos clean!)
If you need any help with sending the video please email Darren and he will send you link to a dropbox file.

4) Need pictures of your current tournament(s) & hunting bow set-up.

We will need all four items emailed on the same day and if any of the four items are missing the application will not be processed. We do understand that this may take more than one email to accomplish this task.

Spot-Hogg wishes you all good luck in the application process.

Darren Donahue
Staff Coordinator