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Showcasing an “industry-first” lighted crosshairs with rheostat intensity, archers can quickly and easily adjust light concentration to better match natural lighting conditions. The lightweight 6061 Aluminum is ultra-durable, and the scope rod is centered on the lens. The brilliance in this design is that should your housing rotate, you marks won’t change, thus saving time and reducing frustration. Featuring a bubble that is raised right below the crosshairs, peripheral leveling is easier than ever, increasing consistency while boosting accuracy. Equally pleasing is the brightly colored alignment rings. It’s a fact that in dark areas you see more through your peep sight, while in bright areas you see less. This graduated ring system allows you to better customize your peep sight to the current lighting situation. Always aiming to please, Spot-Hogg offers multiple crosshair colors so bowhunters and target archers can tailor the scope to fit their needs. Sporting a 1 ¾ lens with an anti-scratch, anti-reflective coating, shine and unnecessary abrasions are a thing of the past. A rigid or universal 10-32 scope rod is available.


  • Lightweight 6061 Aluminum
  • Centered scope rod, so your point of impact never changes
  • Raised precision bubble level
  • Brightly colored alignment rings
  • Industry first lighted crosshairs with rheostat intensity adjustment
  • Multiple crosshair colors available
  • Easy screw on lens retainer ring
  • Rigid or universal 10-32 scope rod available
  • Uses a 1 ¾ lens with anti-scratch, anti-reflective coating
  • Available in Hunter and Pro Versions


Instantly range your game at full draw. Greater offset Ranging Bracket and angled top and bottom bars greatly increase visibility in sight window. Mount in front our behind fiber wrap. Solid Aluminum, Glow-in the-Dark powder coat for low light conditions and Superior durability.

MSRP: $45.00


Take your sight to the next level. The demand for a brighter fiber optic has been answered with the brightest and most durable wrapped fiber optic system available.
State of the art fibers gather light through out their entire length, offering a bright aiming reference in even the lowest lighting. With the Hogg Wrap you can increase pin protection, have wrapped fiber optics, install a sight light, and use a lens all at the same time. 
The Hogg Wrap really is the perfect accessory for your sight.


  • Sight light accessible
  • Wrapped fiber optics for low light conditions
  • Protect pins
  • Accepts Spot-Hogg Lenses
  • Fits all current Spot-Hogg sight systems*
  • Bulletproof not included

Designed to fit all Spot-Hogg sights. This wrapped fiber system can be ordered factory installed on all sights or as a kit to retrofit your existing Spot-Hogg sight.


A specially designed bracket for those that have
trouble getting their sight low enough. Due to bow
variations, you may find it necessary to lower your
entire sight. Lowers approximately 1/2”.


A great accessory for the Hogg-It Sight. Use it for a quick release when removing your sight from the mount.


Rheostat light screws into Hogg Wrap directly. Three
settings provide optimum brightness for a multiple
of situations. Rheostat Sight Light - SL

The perfect fix for poor lighting. The 3 things you need for ultimate accuracy are what the Spot-Hogg Sight illuminates. Your pins, alignment ring and level will always be visible with the aid of a variable brightness rheostat system. Compatible with all Spot-Hogg models.

MSRP: $15.00


Feather visions 680 series lenses offer magnification when aiming. For use with the Hogg-Wrap, Shade/Lens Cover.

Available for the small pin guard in 2x, 4x & 6x. Large pin guard: 2x & 4x. Please specify pin guard size, small, large or seven pin when ordering. Not compatible with Bulletproof.

MSRP: $78.00


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